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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Happy, Sunshiney Moment...

I love everything about this layout ... the colors, so bright and cheery; the photo... who doesn't look good tanned?; the energy... joyful and relaxed; but most of all the sentiment.. "When I am with YOU, the ONLY place I want to be is CLOSER!" 

Sometimes when I am caught up in the daily grind of house stuff, kids stuff, work stuff and BILLS I can forget the LITTLE stuff about my partner that attracted me in the first place.  Those little things that he does that still warm my heart and make him who he is to me today! And it's these little things that always seem to hold us together in the tough times.   I made this layout to hang in my Girl Bathroom to remind me 1) of the good times and 2) to remember those little things... Like Laughing OUT LOUD at his very bad jokes and holding hands... something he still does to this day...  and I guess to remember what I LOVE about "us".  

Now This layout was a challenge for the myStamp Box Design Team to use this sketch by Becky Fleck at Page Maps.  I don't typically use sketches but what a great way to get the ideas flowing... as you can see there is just a faint resemblance between the actual page map and my layout but look at what evolved!  I used the myStamp Box Wishing you Sunshine and  Sigh, Gush, Gasp stamps on this layout, and you can check out what my other design team members created using this sketch on today's  myStamp Box blog post


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  1. I love it Lynne! Everything about it! What a sweet page.


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