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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WOYWW #299 .... (What's on YOUR Workdesk Wednesday)

Oh Boy-Oh Boy-Oh Boy! It's the 299th What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Can you imagine what a milestone that is? How many of us could carry through a blogging commitment for almost six years? I am sure when Ms. Julia Dunnit of the Stamping Ground started this little challenge and invited her followers to share their work desks she did not realize what an amazing event she was creating, nor that it would catch on WORLDWIDE - but I am truly glad that she did and that I have discovered this awesome play date every week.
I missed last week's joining in and hopping through so I have made a HUGE effort to make sure I am here today and I will absolutely be linking up next week for the 300th WOYWW.  Here is my space in my FIRST studio-where I am learning to use gold leaf in my life book lesson #8...
On this FIRST desk you can see the really cool tool/pen/brush holder I made using a box, duct tape and toilet paper rolls after I saw the one that Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith made (see her blog post HERE). And just in case you were wondering the styrofoam egg cartons are what I use for disposable paint pallets, this way they get one more use before I throw them away as they are not recyclable.   
The "my leftovers" tin is actually my garbage can, altered from an old Coffeemate tin, and the wee book is a child's board book covered in chalk paint which I am currently altering ... I guess you could call this week's desk the RECYCLE/RE-USE space, Grin. And now for the Very First Reveal of my 2nd Space:
Yes, I said Second space, because thanks to the amazing man I share my life with (who shall now be permanently referred to as "Mr. Awesome") I now have TWO studios - one for paper/paint and inky goodness and the other for stained glass mosaics and soft metal embossing... SWOON! 

Can you see my First Studio through the sliding barn-door opening Mr. Awesome created?
This is the Reveal because no one has seen this yet - Mr. Awesome created me this amazing space, dedicated to my mosaic and metal embossing work, from a 4.5ft wide by 12.5ft long unfinished space in our basement.  As you can see there is tonnes of storage...
and although I may add some upper storage in the future, or maybe some magnetic strips for holding my patterns and inspirational photos at eye-level, it is absolutely perfect for me and my stained glass mosaics.
His Being an Electrician means Great Lighting and lots of outlets
Here is a peek at my latest project (quilt squares) and a couple of finished pieces to give you an idea of what I mean by Stained Glass Mosaics

I LOVE this piece and these have become my signature flowers

As always THANK YOU for popping in to see what I am up to these days, and please do leave me a comment if you like what you are seeing...
Lynne Mizera


  1. Hi Lynne, thanks for the visit. What a lucky girl you are, gorgeous workspace. Look forward to all the exciting things you make here.
    Have a great woyww, Angela x 60

  2. Mr. Awesome, indeed! I'm so jealous of your space!! It looks like heaven.

  3. Can I please, please, please borrow Mr Awesome? To be fair my hubby is pretty handy too, but we just haven't got the space (yet!). Having two studios is just plain greedy, LOL. Only joking, of course! Great pen organizer, Lynne, and thanks for the mention! Your gold leaf projects look fantastic! Hope to take a closer look some time! Thanks for your visit earlier. Happy WOYWW!

  4. Lucky you! I love your stained glass mosaics - I've tried it once and enjoyed it very much, except we were probably supposed to be wearing gloves :-) I had little cuts on my hands for days! Thanks for visiting my blog! Lindart #59

    1. Thanks for popping by... And gloves Do not help... I have a large supply if band-aides easily accessible 😊😎😁

  5. My fist visit here and I feel right at home! Love all the colors and goings on!
    Thanks for visiting and your kind brave words.
    Robyn 4

  6. Oh Lynne I love it!! tell me where to get some of the glass!

  7. Oh my gosh! I am seriously drooling over your new space. Be sure to give big hugs to Mr.! Shel@paperocotillostudio #51

  8. My, my, my! Aren't you the spoiled one?! All I can say is Mister Awesome is indeed awesome! That's a great use of such an odd little space. You are sure to enjoy it! Your stained glass mosaics are wonderful as are your paper craft projects. That leafing stuff makes me nervous as bits of gold fluff flap about in the breeze. Thanks for the visit earlier. I hope to play with my new funky bird stamps soon! Judy #67

  9. Wow! You definitely have an "awesome" guy! Great little space! Love your mosaics! And your gold leafing is pretty cool! Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Carol N #50

  10. I'm swooning over your stained glass flowers! Have not tried the gold leafing, are you enjoying using it? Have not heard a lot about it but like your journal page. This is my first time stopping by. I enjoyed my visit!

    1. Thanks for visiting 😁 Gold leaf is have very little control and you have to be happy with "you get what you get", but since it IS gold it pretty much looks awesome no matter what

  11. Oh my goodness! you have so much work space it's awesome!!! I love your stained glass mosaics, that's one thing I have never done but always liked, it is lovely :) also thanks for visiting my blog :)

  12. What a great space. And I think your signature flowers are gorgeous!
    April #75

  13. Whoa! TWO studios ... you are SO lucky! I am green with envy! :)
    The pieces bottom left of my desk (you were wondering), are more UFOs :)

  14. woweeee Lynne, what a LOT you have going on and what a great creative space you have to work in. Love your mosaic pieces, they're beautiful and very impressed with all your recycling/upcycling. btw have I said before how much I love your blog banner photo? I could look at it for hours, it has very peaceful and positive energy, love it. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #56

  15. Wow! Lynne two work spaces. Lucky you! What great projects and your mosaic bowl is delightful. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Goodenss, what an amazing second work space and what a wonderful Mr Awesome you have! I have studio envy! Your mosaics are beautiful and I especially love the dish in the last picture - really gorgeous. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #33

  17. Love your workspace, it is huge!! So many cool projects going on. Love that gilding - so pretty!
    Gabriele 3

  18. got a little behind doing other things but I've now been able to sit down and read what you have been up to.
    What a great extra space. Your hubby certainly is Mr Awesome! I love the saying along the edge. And I really really love your stained glass mosaics. Amazing!
    You did a good job of the gilding on your journal page.
    Have a good week,

  19. Wow, Lynne, what a wonderful space. Hang on to that wonderful man of yours! He is certainly Mr Awesome.
    I love that stained glass mosaic work you have done - it's beautiful. Well done. Like the love page on your pad - great.
    I peeked at your "about yourself" page - what a place to live. Have only visited the Rockies the once - for our silver wedding anniversary - but we were blown away by their size and awesomeness. Is the landscape photo what you can see from your home?!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  20. Wowzers, Lynne! Mr. Awesome is right! Kudos to hubby. When I sold Undercover Wear eons ago, we would have called him an MSP... Most Supportive Person. Congrats on the new spaces! Creative Blessings! Kelly #66

  21. 'Awesome' indeed! Lucky lady. I love the glass work, and the 'love' page is beautiful. Have a great week, Chris # 21

  22. Wow love your work and it is nice to find a signature some people do art for years without finding what they love. You have such a wonderful area to work in, thanks for sharing and sorry I am returning your visit so late.

    Belated WOYWW greetings
    Eliza & Yoda


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