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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Little Word (OLW)

Good Day everyone - It's already the 7th of January on this first Saturday in 2014 and it is also reveal day on  the Challenge YOUrself Blog for our second monthly challenge:
Challenge YOUrself #2: One Little Word
Choose a word that you will focus on and reflect upon all through the year. Create a layout that celebrates your chosen word for 2014. If you are new too OLW (One Little Word), you can find more information HERE.   
My word for 2014 is NOURISH
Now just let me say that I have never done the OLW thing before and I had to dig really deep to find that one word that I wanted to be tied to for the entire year... because I know that I will be changed by whatever word I pick... but finally that One Word rose up from the depths of my soul and wafted into my brain and I knew it was the right word because when I "found it" I felt like every thing in my mind shifted for the better.  Here is my layout:
I will spend time this year Nourishing my body to stay healthy; my soul to stay happy; my heart to stay whole ... but also
I will spend time Nourishing my friendships, my relationships, my ties with the community and my ties with my family ...
I will spend time remembering Who I am and How I want to live my life and I will Nourish these parts of me... because I love my life but if I want to continue loving my life and being happy I have to spend the time and put the energy into Nourishing - maintaining, supporting - those people and things in my life that I love so much... and on the flip side - removing from my life those things (and people) who do not  Nourish me.
So I'd Love if you wanted to come and play with me (smile) and find Your One Little Word that may help to change your life this year... and if you make a layout come share the love and link it up at the Challenge YOUrself Blog (smile) there will be prizes!


  1. Fabulous page and resolution for 2014 Lynne! It is freeing to rid ourselves of those people and things that don't bring us joy, and to surround ourselves with those who do! :)

  2. What a great word you've chosen Lynne! Love your resolution for this new year, and also loved what you make with the layout, the color combo and the pic are just perfect! <3

  3. Lynne what a great word you´ve chosen, you are going to have a great year! Love your layout and the colors you choose

  4. Lovely page Lynne! Love your colors and its such a nice photo. Fabulous word too. I just love your reasoning behind it. Happy New Year to you!

  5. What a fabulous layout, and an even more wonderful post, Lynne! How inspiring!

  6. Oh my goodness, Lynne! I absolutely love your layout! You picked an amazing word!!!! I love the photo of you and how you scrapped it in such a different way than your usual style! It looks wonderful!

  7. Just great layout Lynne! Love your word, it could be mine too :)

  8. We'll done Lynne! Love the circle bling around your photo! Your OLW is great and it is so meaningful in so many ways!


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