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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) #379

Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday Everyone!  I have missed the last few WOYWW's in August but I was determined to go visit Julia over at the Stamping Ground and to get my link in today and catch you up on what's been happening in my world... Smile! So without further ado here is my desk right now and then I will share what has been keeping me away from desk.
And because I had so many people mentioning my window decor last post I thought I would share a few close ups of what I do with my window instead of curtains - because I just cannot block that view...
And now for the bit about the rest of  my life... I have been trying to keep up with the amazing bounty of the huge vegetable garden and fruit trees that came with our new home.  This is our first year and who knew you could grow food like this?!
The tomatoes are READY! (all 60 plants) and we have made 23 jars of pasta sauce to date - stopping at 30 jars...
Which we made with our own onions and green peppers and carrots and garlic...swoon.  Jars of salsa using our own jalapeno peppers is to follow.  But we may have to pause in the tomatoe processing as now the plums and apples are falling off the trees...
And this is only the First Pick!  (Mr. Awesome loves his little cart)  And as if that is not enough... the green grapes are ready and the concords are turning purple - now WHAT am I supposed to do with those??
I am loving my new, bountiful life here in Creston, British Columbia, Canada, but 50 of jars of jam, 55 jars of pickles, a freezer full of cherries and rhubarb waiting for cooler weather to be turned into chutneys and pie fillings and now multiple boxes of plums and apples to be made into apple sauce and canned fruit for the winter - I am starting to feel overwhelmed to say the least - but so very, very grateful!

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera
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  1. Love the window art ...but your garden bounty is amazing - you could eat for a year with that. No wonder you haven't had time for art. Helen #1 oh, and congratulations on your win from Nikki

  2. That is a nice neat desk and I can understand why! WOW our garden has been prolific with bean, okra, and corn his year. Chuck has been making pickles with the cucumbers, peppers, and even some okra. Our tomatoes haven't done so well this year because of it being so dry. Have a great week Vickie#5

  3. Wow, you must have an enormous garden - look at all that amazing produce! I suppose if it all becomes too much you could give some away. I am very jealous of all those fruit trees!!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  4. Well, I cannot get over your produce! What a huge amount of apples and plums not to mention tomatoes. Gosh, it seems like you have a nursery growing all of that. Well done, it must have taken a while to pick and then to turn into the various things you have and are making.
    Nearly got carried away - love the photo of your desk, such a bright and cheery place to do your crafting. Great idea with the window covering - can understand why you would not want to shut out the outside.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  5. Happy WOYWW and so many wonderful things to look at - thank you so much for sharing. Your window is just divine. Fantastic tidy work space and so much inspiration/stash to look at. Your harvest so far, and the fabulous jars of yumminess you have whipped up, is incredible. We have just one apple tree in the old part of our garden and we don't get round to picking even one apple off it. My energy levels are quite simply not up to it. Ali x #19

  6. much produce. Well done for actually turning it into something though. Lovely window art too. Elaine no. 16

  7. you must have one big garden, what a great produce.Maybe you can turn the grapes into wine lol. Happy WOYWW Vicky #11

  8. Such an inspiring arty place, Lynne! Loving all your creations in the window! Cool dude on the tractor! I want your art space and my hubby wants your hubby's tractor! You're living our dreams - literally! Don't forget to visit Nikki C's blog today - you'll see why :) Have a happy week! zsuzsa #25

  9. Great work desk and lovely work.

    Lilian WOYWDW #33

  10. That is one very tidy desk but you are excused as I can see you have been a bit busy with other things. The window looks brilliant too. Have a great woyww, Angela x 17

  11. Lynn, I always love the shots of your art space, especially the windows and WHAT'S OUTSIDE those windows! I want to be in your yard really bad! I would love to work in your wonderful garden as well! What great stash it sounds like you are putting up for the winter! Taxing now, but oh so worth it later! Blessings, Felicia #43

  12. Hello Lynn. Oh that is a stunning view from your fabulously decorated windows that would inspire ever minute of the day gazing out enjoy the beautiful day. I do so miss living in southern British Columbia as for the last 15 years we are in northern Alberta. I do miss the beautiful veggies and I haven't canned in years......wishing I had after seeing yours. Hope you get caught up soon as it is a lot of work ahead but trully gratifying job when all done and your hard work you get to enjoy all winter. Thanks for visiting me earlier and have a super fantastic week. Hugs ~Anne L#5

  13. That is one huge bounty of fruits and vegetables and one very tidy space lovely decorations in your windows and congratulations on winning my Candy it's been posted off to you Hugs Nikki 3

  14. I love your window and it's bounty of beautiful decorations, and it's such a fab, light workspace you have.

    BUT you did make me chuckle over your fruit and veg. I lived in France for three years, and my husband used to be a farmer. We had 15 acres of land, not much, but enough for an extremely large vegetable patch. I was quite a naïve gardener - no-one told me that one courgette/zucchini plant would be plenty, and so I planted 8.... oh my word.... We had plums, apples, pears and cherries, and raspberries, black and red currants too. Strawberries. Plus, the area we lived in was the top area for sweet chestnuts, so we had those all around our property. I felt like it was a constant bottling festival. I did have a good recipe for pickled chilli beetroot!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today, and a brief trip down memory lane for me...

    Happy WOYWW (two days late)

    Morti @24

  15. Belated Happy WOYWW, Lynne. Your life sounds like a whirlwind of activity. All that fruit to cook up! We've just been enjoying watching 7 apples ripening on our very young apple tree - I can't see me making much with that but it will be a pleasure nonetheless to harvest them. Your window adornments are fun - much more fun than curtains :) Your scrapbook page featuring your grandsons in your most recent post is lovely. Have a great Sunday. Elizabeth x #41


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