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Friday, November 13, 2015

Words To Live By...

Hello Web World! Today I am sharing another of my Art Journal pages featuring Susan K. Weckesser's Unity Stamp "Sail Away" and some Ranger products and my pens for my design team post today. But I also want to share some personal moments that occured while I was using my Art Journal to create.  Here is my page and what follows is a pretty honest, Hands-on, Mushy account of my emotional arty process so be prepared! Grin
Firstly you may notice that I aways type Art Journal in capitals, that is because I have found this process to be such a powerful healing tool that even in my brain it is always capitalized.  I have found that if I allow myself to just follow my "little voice" in my Art Journal, in any way I am directed, then I find Myself accessing deep pools of emotion inside of me that I was not even aware existed.  And as these thoughts and feelings rise to the surface I just need to ride them, like a boat on the waves, aways on top, always being moved and pushed to somewhere I need to go, but always on top of the waves of emotion and always toward the light.  And then KAPOW... There it is... Usually something I need to know that I have been hiding from myself... Smile
So you can see how Susan's stamp "Sail Away" really resonates with me for this particular page, as did my Stampers Anonymous stencil Traveller, as I begin the "Next Step" in my life journey with my hubby as we get ready to leave behind a life in Alberta and move to British Columbia.  I am happy and scared and sad and grateful and scared and hopeful and did I mention SCARED!  So as I created this page layering first my boat on the waves, then my Traveller Words, I heard a younger-Me talking to the now-Me saying, "What are you waiting for?"  "You have done so many brave things in your life, why would you be even a little bit afraid of walking down this road with your life mate?" and finally I heard a Shouting from my Soul... "DON'T WAIT!! Go... Explore.... Live Your Life!" and this journal page emerged...
Now a few technical, process thingys... This page was covered with Gesso before I started so the paint pens I used just glided over the page in such a lovely way that I could not stop doodling... and doodling allowed my thoughts an feelings to rise to the surface in such a gentle way that it was easy to hear those words...

Also, that the pink words "Don't Wait" seemed to overpower my page so I covered them up with a favorite technique of mine... interactive-hidden journaling... which means cut out a piece of stiff cardstock to cover it up and attach it to my page using duct tape so you can flip it open to see what is underneath and then you can write your personal stuff on the back, hidden from most eyes. 

So that's it for today... I hope you enjoyed or at least were entertained by my bit of personal sharing and please do leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

Lynne Mizera

Products used on this project:
Susan K. Weckesser/Unity Stamp "Sail Away"
Stamper Anonymous Stencil Traveler
Idea-ology Tissue Wrap - Composer
Ranger Distress Paint - Salty Ocean
Sharpie Oil-based Paint pens
Sharpie ultra fine black marker
Sharpie White Water-based ultra fine pen
Ductape Brand patterned Duct Tape


  1. Very nice! Especially love the hidden journaling!

  2. Love your story and the resulting page. I live in Penticton, BC ...... so welcome to British Columbia. Will be a good experience and adventure for you. Exciting times. Am wondering what part of BC you will be in.

  3. New beginnings can be scary but offer new oppotunities. I wish you joy and luck in your adventure to new places, new people, new experiences. Love how you described your process. Love the result. Hugz


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