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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Mixed Media Love...

Today I want to share this little canvas I created for my brand new Great niece or nephew due next month.  Because my  niece and her hubby did not want to know the sex of their firstborn before he/she arrives I wanted to create a piece that could be used for either sex and I just LOVE how it turned out....
This is a fairly simple mixed media technique that uses up lots and lots of scraps (always good!) And I have found that the less pre-planning you do the lovelier the piece ends up being. I also find that each canvas tends to take on a life of its own and actually directs YOU, so the free-er and loose-er you are the prettier the effect...

The process is fairly simple:
1. collect up some paper scraps of pleasing colors and patterns to you... I find that the more contrast you have the better.  Now rip and tear and paste these bits all over your canvas, don't get to attached to the pattern because most of it will be covered up.

3. Using stencils and modelling or gel paste, add texture - in bits or all over - let it dry. Note: for those of you that want to know I used my brand new ArtistsCellar stencils by Tamara LaPorte called "Tam's Whimsy")
4. Draw a simple shape on the dried canvas, capturing the part of the canvas you find prettiest, and paint all around it with acrylic paint or white or black gesso... all work wonderfully!
5. Add your sentiment - I stamped my sentiment on white tissue paper and used Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium (its like Mod Podge but easier on tissue paper) to glue it over top of the canvas. This way the lumpy, bumpy does not effect the stamp.

6. Now accent away using paint, pens, Stickles, Liquid Pearl, beads, flowers, anything dimensional... the sky is the limit. I was not loving this particular piece until I was "directed by my canvas" (grin) to grab my bottles of Liquid Pearl and start painting... that and the black gel pen to accent and outline just make this canvas for me..

And how can I not also share the home-made wrapping paper I created using stamps and colored inks on brown parcel paper?  And HERE is the link to the post where I already shared the card I made for that wee one...  One of the hazards of having me for an Aunt... It ALL gets Shared.. Bigger grin.

I hope you enjoyed this wee bit of sharing... and as always... Please DO leave me a comment if you like what you see!!!
Scrapbook Lynne Mizera

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