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Monday, September 9, 2013

You... Yes YOU... Amazing YOU!

Hello all you lovely, sparkling people out there!   Today I want to share with you something I created to lift up my spirits when I need a little encouragement... my "Sparkling Kitty".  She is a wooden image made by my Uncle George, and she is supposed to sit on an outside door frame to scare the mice away.
But my wee Kitty sits in my studio and brings me joy whenever I look at her.  She also helps to empower me and encourage me whenever I am feeling a teensy bit insecure about whatever I am working on - because I too have days when I feel like I'm just not good enough!
But I created "Kitty" to remind me to "Never Let Anything Dull My Sparkle" and to "Allow my true, authentic self to shine out" and that "I am FINE exactly how I am right now"  Right?
So I covered "Kitty" with Susan Weckesser's patterned paper and then, because I LOVE to sparkle, I totally BLINGED her out using  a lot of Want2Scrap embellishments.   And to really bring it all home, I pasted every good word I could think of to every part of her.
 This Kitty makes me smile - she makes me feel good - and she sparkles -  Everyone should have one!
Thanks for stopping by to share with me again today you beautiful, incredible, lovely soul!
Cheers!!! Lynne Mizera, (Smile)


  1. Wow Lynne, Kitty is stunning! What a great feel good and motivating art piece!! I absolutely love it!

    1. Thank you Karen... I LOVE That you think she is a "feel good" piece since I made her for myself when I was feeling very insecure about my stuff - EVERYONE should have one! Smile Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE come again... Grin

  2. Love, Love your kitty Lynne! And Never Let Anything Dull your Sparkle and to Allow your true, authentic self to shine out and that your FINE exactly how you are right now!.. Perfect!
    :) OO

    1. Peggy I'm so glad you liked it and I really meant all that stuff.. AND Kitty totally worked! I feel happy and empowered every time I Look at her!


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