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Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Christmas Card Time...

  I LOVE making and sending Christmas cards, no I really do!
I fell in LOVE with this window frame die this year...
This is my Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree using a Quickutz die

I start in the summer when I am camping (yup! I can craft in my trailer... GRIN) We head out for a week of camping in May and I start making cards... I have so many ideas and so much product that once the momentum starts I cannot stop it.  This year since I have had more free time on my hands than I have ever had I made (and sent) 120 cards (and still counting)!

I Also LOVE to fussy cut... hence the pine branches

It has gone out of fashion - sending Christmas cards - although people still love receiving them.   But as people's Christmas lists grow to gargantuan proportions this it the one task that is easy to cut - and I do understand the pointlessness of scribbling your name on the bottom of a stock card just to say you sent one - but for me my Christmas cards are a labor of love.  

I used some none-traditional paper for this card...Susan K. Weckesser's Live, Dream, Create line... lovely isn't it!
This card was created from three unrelated stamps by different companies... I think cats are HILARIOUS!
I don't make them in expectation of receiving anything in return, or in competition with all the other "Type A's" out there (grin), but I make them as a gift that I give to my friends and family and people who have touched my life in the past year.... it is gift of time and love and each card is unique and individual, just like the people I send them to.

My new Favorite Snowman stamp... by Susan K. Weckesser and Unity Stamps
You don't have to re-invent the wheel, I found this lovely Christmas tree image and popped it behind that window die...

Now I have so many Cyber friends it would be impossible for me to send each and every one of you a card so I am posting a selection of some of my favorite cards for you to enjoy... And please feel free to copy or share any of my card ideas, but I would love if you remember to give ME the credit!

Merry Christmas 2012... From Scrapbook Lynne


  1. Wow Lynne!! These are all so GORGEOUS! And I cannot believe you were making them in the summer time....incredible work!

  2. Lynne you are amazing! What a labour of love and they are all so stunning!

  3. Lynne! You are amazing!!!! You are right that it (sending Christmas cards) is Knocked off the to-do list pretty early! I still enjoy sending them... just so people know how special they are to me. Mine are the family photo type..... as you will find out soon! I love you Lynne! You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I know. I am so glad we are sisters! Merry Christmas sweetie! (as I reach out and poke you in the back!) grin!

  4. That Dr. Seuss tree is delightful! So fun!!


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