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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letting them see what you want them to see...

I'm sure we have all had the experience of getting a photo printed and discovering that there is something in the background that detracts from what would have been a really great shot.  Sometimes we can cut out or cut off the offending item, but sometimes we can't.  I want to share with you a really great technique that I have come across and now love to use when I am scrapbooking:  Print two copies of your photo, one in black & white and a second in color.  From the color copy cut out the part of the photo you want everyone to see and now attach that colored bit to the black and white photo.  If you look at my layout (fig 1) you probably didn't even notice that the background in the photo was different - now look at the detail (fig 2) There is a wine glass stem coming right out of Dom's face, but you probably didn't even notice it this way, and the very busy background has faded right away.  I also used pop dots to raise the colored portion from the photo slightly and I just love the effect.  Try this out the next time you have a great shot, but a lousy background!

fig 1

fig 2


  1. Lynne...that is GENIUS!!! Plus I love the Domestic Goddess line. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me!!!

  2. What a sweet layout! Love that photo and the paper choice is perfect. Nice work!


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