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Monday, April 24, 2017

Yes You Can! A Tutorial Sharing How YOU Can Create Your Own Stencils and Masks...

Good Morning everyone in blog land!  Today I am super excited to be sharing with all of you this wonderful technique for creating your own re-usable stencils and masks from magazine ads.  (I learned this technique at a workshop I took from another amazing mixed media artist here in Creston, BC, Canada, Win Din - you should check her out.)  And I am sharing my entire process over at the Mixed UP Magazine blog today so do pop on over to see all the steps! 
But on my own personal blog I want to share with you not only these three Art journal pages that were birthed using some of the stencils and masks I created, but also some very personal insights about artistic path I followed to get here.

The creative journey I went on that resulted in these pages was both Wonderful and Hard.  It was probably the hardest artistic work I had ever done to this point.  It caused me to look deep into my artistic soul as I allowed myself to record onto these Art Journal pages my most private of hopes for my new life as an artist and my deepest fears of inadequacy and failure.  And although I did hesitate at times on this journey (there was a moment when I almost did not share these pages with all of you - fear rearing its ugly head again!)  I did not QUIT and at the end of the journey the elation I felt from working hard, listening to my own artistic voice, facing down my fears and Not Quitting - was much like "giving birth".
But the best part of the entire process was that somewhere along this journey I discovered that whether or not these Art Journal pages appeal to you - they appeal to me!  Not only that, but they are a true reflection of what I see and how I feel and what I want to share with you from my artistic soul and which I am now bravely sharing!

So please do pop on over the Mixed UP Mag blog to find about the technique and see more photos of my process - which I hope will be a richer experience now that you have read a bit about my journey...

Lynne Mizera, Mixed Media Artist
for the Mixed UP Mag Design Team



  1. Loving those silhouettes and your colourful pages - your artistic soul shines through them and fills me with inspiration ;)

  2. What amazing art journal pages!!! You rocked it Lynne!


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