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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WOYWW Wednesday #287 & Distress Ink STORAGE TIPS!

Hello My Peeps! I'm kinda cheating this week for "What's On Your Workspace Wednesday" since I am really sitting on a beach in Mexico (grin), but I just couldn't miss a WOYWW link up so I pre-scheduled this post so I can share what my workspace looks like when I am away: 
(please note that this is NOT typical and only happens when I go away! Grin)

And as an added bonus, while I am away, I will start sharing some of my storage tips and tricks with you every Wednesday. Here is the first one: 
 How I Store My Ranger Distress Inks
I LOVE how easy it is to find and use all my Ranger distress inks since I incorporated these three easy steps.  Now the very first thing I do when I buy a new ink pad is to place a piece of peel-n-stick Velcro to the back of my ink pad which holds a dedicated ink sponge.  That way I ALWAYS have a sponge and the correct color sponge no matter what Ink Pad I choose.
The traditional rectangle ink sponges fit perfectly into the back of the square Ranger ink pads and the new mini circles sponges fit perfectly into the back of the new mini Ranger distress inks using these small Velcro circles that can be found in any dollar store.

...and BONUS, the new Ranger storage tin for mini inks that I just purchased allows me to see exactly what color my ink is on it's sponge.
The second thing I do is LABEL the side of each ink pad using my awesome label maker, so I can see immediately where my colors are. I used to hate having to pull out 10+ pads to find my color and now I don't have to!
And the third thing I did was to buy this holder for all my inker handles so they are always at my fingertips.

I store everything (except the stamps holder) in this  wooden storage unit which has one divided drawer into which fit perfectly all my Ranger ink pads, so now I just open the drawer and everything is at my fingertips...

Thanks for popping in to see my space today and if you can use some of my storage ideas BONUS! (because it really is all about the Storage!) Grin.  And please do pop by next Wendnesday for another storage tip, Cheers from Mexico...
Scrapbook Lynne Mizera


  1. I hope you are enjoying Mexico. Thank you for sharing your room. It looks very nice. I like your storage too.
    April #43

  2. Your your room needs is to be in my house! I love your space and am so impressed with the way you store your distress ink pads!
    Glenda #31

  3. Your studio is awesome! It just feels creative from the photos! LOL! Don't you love those drawers? I re-did my studio this summer and those drawers figured very heavily for one entire side of my studio. I am beginning to think I will always be tweaking something in my studio but heck I think that's part of the fun of crafting. Fondling all your art goodies is very satisfying... I know, I am so hopeless! LOL! Thanks for sharing that tip on attaching the sponge to the bottoms of the actual ink pads... what a great idea! Never would have thought of that one on my own! Now where did I put my velcro? :D
    Hope your vacation is turning out to be a blast and you of course will come back a little tanned! Just enough to make all of us jealous! :D
    Hugs and see you next week,
    Happy WOYWW week,
    Beth P

  4. Love your idea of attaching the inky applicator to the base of the pad !
    I label mine but as i stack mine in a really useful box I think they would fall over !
    Might just try it !
    Ali #51

  5. What a brilliant idea, to use the velcro - so simple, but so effective. I love the storage arrangement, too - lots of thought gone into that one. Hope you're having a ball in Mexico, and come home safely to play, once again, at that lovely clear work space. Hugs, Chris # 15

  6. Hope you are enjoying you holiday. This is one fantastic work area, love it. Happy crafting, when you get back Lol!Angela x 28

  7. Brilliant storage tips, Lynne. Thanks for sharing. But it is kind of mean teasing us with Mexican beaches and maybe umbrella drinks! Have a fantastic holiday :-)
    Gabriele 12

  8. That's a great tip about the storage for distress inks. I haven't thought of that yet.
    Hope you're enjoying Mexico!

  9. Your room is awesome and I am in awe of your organization. Thanks for the tips for the DI's. Hugz

  10. Great space and great storage. Hope you having great time in Mexico!!!!! All the 'greats' :-) Happy WOYWW Anne x #29

  11. Your space looks so clean and bright! What a great space to be creative. Shel #60

  12. What a gorgeous tidy handy workspace. I didn't know about the sponges, You know I am off to try that right away LOL. Keep smiling and creating, happy holiday's!!


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